Winter Holidays in Turkey – Ski Resorts

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Almost all travelers know that Turkey may be a perfect vacation destination for youth and tourists of all ages. After all, Turkey is offering a range of hotels on the shore of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. There are many well-known Turkish resorts like Marmaris with elite entertaining programs, unique Bodrum and in fact Kemer.

However, the rare traveler is responsive to well-equipped ski resorts, located deep within the mountains of Turkey and it’s not surprising that Turkey boasts variety of excellent quality ski resorts. The simplest and most well-liked winter resorts are – Sarikamish, Palandoken, Uludag. Which resort hotel will you choose? We are able to facilitate your to settle on a resort hotel that’s right for you. For beginners we’ll suggest to travel on holiday to resorts of Uludag or Sarikamish. For more established travelers Palandoken are a more robust choice.

Ski season in Turkey lasts between 4-5 months, from December to late March. Your vacation in Turkey won’t be boring – there are many interesting tours, animation programs and a in fact Turkish bath.

Ski Resorts in Turkey

Sarikamis – may be a very fashionable resort in Turkey. Sarikamis ski center is found near Sarikamis, 60kms from Kars within the east of Turkey. This resort hotel has good courses and ideal snow conditions; The realm is additionally noted for its hunting. Sarikamis is usually recommended for beginners and families with children.

Uludag – may be a great spot for skiers with different training experience and for people who travel with kids. Uludag is that the oldest established ski resorts in Turkey. At the resort there are chair-lifts, three ski-lifts, slalom and giant slalom courses, beginner’s slopes and atiny low hospital. Skis, equipment, and instructors are available for hire.

If you’re an experienced skier, then Palandoken is resort for you, with plenty of the foremost difficult trails. In recent years, Palandoken has become one in all Turkey’s most well-liked ski resorts. It’s a number of the longest and most difficult courses and best snow conditions in Turkey. The value of accommodation in hotels of the resort, as a rule, includes free use of ski lifts and downhill skiing or snowboarding. Skiing in Turkey at Palandoken offers qualified instructors readily available and therefore the hotels all have their own ski hire shops.

Rental of kit, as compared to European resorts is incredibly affordable, the price to rent ski equipment in Turkey ranging from twenty dollars every day, snowboards – twenty-five dollars. There are other ski centers in Kars, Kayseri, Erzincan, which also are good and offer similar facilities for skiing in Turkey. The hotels and chalets altogether these places are comfortable and well equipped.

Although Turkey is best known for it’s hot sunny Mediterranean resorts, swimming, bathing and water sports, there’s way more to the climate than hot summers. Therefore, you ought to not hesitate to decide on any of them for your skiing holiday in Turkey. Turkey currently has 8 ski resorts: Uludag, Kartalkaya, Ilgaz, Sarikamis Palandoken, Erciyes, Davraz and Saklikent plenty to settle on from. Just pick one and explore Turkey from a special angle!

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