Vialand (Disneyland) Tour Istanbul

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Vialand is the new center of Istanbul similar to Disneyland. It has lots of shops, game centers, pools and more entertainments. That big project is available since april 2013. Although it is out of city center, you may reach with our services.

Vialand has 4 parts as Fun Zone, Shopping Zone, History Zone and Adventure Zone. First of all, it is a safe place for the kids. It is entertaining and educative.

Also Vialand has the biggest Food Court with its lots of restaurants. Center has a small tram to travel around the shops. One of the biggest Roller Coasters in Euro will be waiting you in the center. Vialand also has a part for the people likes the exciting time of King Kong. If you are a water fun, then you will like Splash Coaster. And Fatih Dark Ride will take you to the times of ottoman and old Istanbul streets. Starshape and Safari Coaster will be your other favourites.

Park includes different parts like, theme park, vialand shopping center, performance and demonstration center, legend world, game world, adventure world, vialand castle, vikings, 360, roller coaster, crazy river, safari tunnel, dungeon and vialand express.

Open from 10:00 to 19:00

Round trip transfer service 40 euro from hotel (Europe side)

Entrance fee is 55 Turkish lira ( 80 lira weekend ) for adults and includes all entrances to parks. Shopping and restaurants are extra.


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